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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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north side of the boulevard at the ultra preserve. >> they were found shot, but alive. and with the latest on this story. what can you tell us. >> reporter: still very much an active crime scene in this area near fairfax and all taking place beyond that red tape. especially trained search dogs that were out here. not looking for people, but they are trained to sniff out their gun powder and gun residue. also search teams from marin, sonoma out here. looking for evidence. now last evening the hiker was out walking their dog when they were shot to death when they arrived, the dog was still tied to the victim, shot, but only critically injured. he knew, we don't no. that's why any information that people could provide us as far as anything suspicious that they may have seen, especially
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yesterday afternoon. that it could be hugely beneficial. >> reporter: and now sources, they have identified that victim as the 77-year-old steve carter. the relationship therapist, told that he was visiting their family, but they do not live there. they believe that they also stole their family's 2003 silver volkswagen jetta. be on the lookout for that car. >> how far away was the car from the victim? and how were they noted? that person's car? >> reporter: well, they don't know. they just know that the car is missing and that the victim had taken the car here as you park on the road and you walk in to that trail head. so they know that car is missing. >> there in marin county for us. thank you very much. this afternoon they released
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this picture of the woman killed in golden gate park over the weekend. audrey carey was a hiker from quebec, canada and died of blunt-force trauma. they were found near the intersection of john f. kennedy on saturday morning as they have not made any arrests. the bluegrass festival was going on in the park over the weekend, but not known if they went to that free event. the man in his 20s killed by the construction site. and the bucket on the activator apparently hit that man and killed him. now investigating their work at the site, suspended during their investigation. we're learning more about the sheriff more than 20 inmates say that they were beaten by deputies in may over the span of five hours. today some of the families would speak out in santa rosa. one was a mother whose son is named in this lawsuit that her son laid down on his bed, the
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hands behind his back that he would avoid that beating. still four deputies brutally attacked them. >> he just said mom, i knew they were coming as they were going down the line and everyone kept seeing them come down the line. he was scared for his life. he could just hear everyone. >> attorney representing the inmate is calling for a video of the videos to be released. and he is also calling for the sonoma county district attorney to launch that criminal investigation. they say that there is absolutely no bases to allegations of torture or action. equal pay for equal work. california now has the strongest equal pay in the country to help close the wage gap between men and women. governor jerry brown signed the legislation this morning at
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tsymbolic location here at the national park. the fair pay act is a revamped version of the state law that many workers say was outdated. center it is my hope that the other -- it is my hope that the other 49 states will take a look at what we are doing here and use it as a template to ensure greater wage equality for the women of their states and their families and their economies as well. >> reporter: according to the recent survey, women in california make $0.84 for every $1 a man makes. today we are sitting down with their mayor who is now joining the statewide push to raise the minimum wage statewide, asking about the initiative that will appear next year on the ballot. south carolina is still inknow dated with flooding after being swamped by a massive storm.
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16 people in two states have died. more danger still lurks. even though sunshine is in the forecast. >> the rain is finally letting up here in south carolina, but the trouble is not over yet. they warn that it could be several weeks before the conditions get back to normal. >> what i saw was disturbing. hard to look at the loss that we will have. but everything will be okay. >> reporter: they are failing, hundreds of roads and bridges remain closed. residence being urged to use their extreme caution when traveling. >> people are starting to move barriers, drive through them. people are starting to go around their barriers, this is not safe. >> reporter: they are now shifting to the low country, flowing to the coastal areas, which could cause new evacuations and more road closures. >> we will be extremely careful as we are watching this minute
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by minute. there are people on the ground giving us the feedback. but clean water will remain a problem. roughly 40,000 homes in the columbia area do not have drinking water. hundreds more are under a boil advisory with more than 800 people remain in shelters, that number is expected to rise. >> it doesn't feel like this at all. that they are still extremely dangerous. some of the cars were out here for days. officers have responded to about 1,800 calls for collisions. joe fonzi fox news. >> they are now joining the investigation in to the disappearance of the cargo ship. that happened five days ago. they have been searching for survivors ever since they sank. more than two dozen crew members were on board.
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that they were found. the national transportation safety board have joined the coast guard as they will conduct interviews and review documents to try to prevent something similar from happening in the future. in the meantime they are praying for a miracle. >> i'm not giving up hope. >> the community is coming together. >> and only one has been found and recovered. coming up after the break, unveiling the latest today and a first for the maker of windows. we are breaking down the winners and losers along the list of stores hitting today on tuesday. a nice and quiet day over the bay area, we will check in on your current conditions, talk about that gradual warm up coming up. the georgia mom found an unusual way to get through the
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labor contractions. this mom-to-be started dancing with the watch me in the hospital. her sister and cousin, they would join in. a story that we are facing on the facebook page. find out why they were to do more than just ease the pain of those contractions. a quick look outside, not looking good early on in this tuesday afternoon commute. the four on 2:00 will be right back.
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on saturday morning our forces provided air force at their request. to be clear, the decision to provide the fire was a u.s. decision, made within the u.s. chain of command. and the hospital was mistakingly struck. that we would never intentionally target the protected medical facility. and in their innocence. >> the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, admits that a mistake was made when an air strike hit the hospital. doctors without borders operated 22 people killed. 12 of them medical staff. and 10 patients. the incident has sparked international outrage. today a u.s. commander went before the senate armed service committee to answer questions about that air strike and about in general the u.s. military in afghanistan. now the department of defense
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would confirm that president obama is weighing on whether to keep thousands of american troops through next year. it's a move that the senator john mccain's chair of the armed committee has long called for. >> the threats we face are real and the stakes are high for the lives of the afghan people. and especially women and girls for the stability of the region. and for the national security of the united states. >> and the general john campbell admitted that the country's own military isn't ready to fight the taliban on its own. >> the afghan security forces uneven performance in this season is also underscoring that their shortfalls would persist well beyond this year. >> reporter: the u.s. is also dealing with the fallout of the deadly accidental bombing of the vital doctors without borders run hospital in kundos city. >> a hospital was mistakingly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> reporter: and this morning doctors without borders, they blasted that u.s. military,
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saying that in a statement, "until proven otherwise the events of last saturday amount to an inexcusable violation of the law. we are working on the presumption of a war crime." following the mistaken bombing of the hospital general campbell promised a full review of training in the u.s. military's rule of engagement. at the pentagon jennifer griffin fox news. it is tech tuesday. today we're talking high-end gadgets. microsoft unveiled its latest line including its surface book. they also showed off the hollow lens of virtual reality kit available now to developers. they also revealed the lumia 950 phone supported by windows 10 and the xl size. the 550 again on windows 10. with microsoft season today, where we have three major companies reveal the mobile heavy tech lines always within a month of each other. we'll break it down for you, joined by mike elgin from twit
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tv. hi mike. >> hey, how's it going. >> reporter: so many products you. have microsoft out with three tablets, even the convertible tablet, pc gaming, but google and apple, they both have several devices and upgrades to their services, bigger tablets, newer smart fence. you've got the nexus and all of them without iphones. mike, who is the big winner out of all this stuff? >> reporter: today microsoft is a big winner. of course microsoft is a lagger in mobile, despite trying really, really hard. today they rolled out a series of across-the-board products that really should impress anyone. these are really, really great products. so i think that today, that the big winner is microsoft. it doesn't mean that they would sell better than apple, that doesn't mean their phones and tablets will sell better than the phones and tablets that run on google's android operating
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system, but today they are really a contender back in the race. >> all right, which specifically, which device stands out the most to you. which one do you think will be high up on the christmas list this year? >> well microsoft's surface book was announced today. it is their first ever laptop. it's not really a laptop. it is actually a tablet that has a full size, you know, hard keyboard. the old surface had kind of a soft covered keyboard, this has a hard keyboard. what's interesting about this category is for the first time we're seeing across the board, the industry, tablets that are actually more powerful and better to use than laptops. it used to be that the laptop was a full featured computer. then the tablet was like a compromise you made. less powerful, didn't do as much or feel as good to use, but a tablet, more mobile and so on.
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people saying i've got my cell phone and a tablet, right? so out of these three, all these devices with the three different companies, who do you think lost when it comes to getting ready for the holiday season, people will be buying gifts. which one do you think won't do as well? >> google's chromebook picture c has a tiny number of geeks that i would say that google will be the loser this holiday season because their android- based tablet, although it is way cooler that night other tablet out there. i don't think that you could compete with the apple ipad pro or the microsoft surface books in terms of the holiday gift and, you know, in the case of microsoft a great device for business. and so i think that google, they will be the loser here. apple will probably win that holiday season here as microsoft will be a winner. they are back in the race, an exciting line up that they will
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have. >> a follow up on that and the final thought here, mike. how do you compete with apple? really can they compete? they sound great and cool and can they compete with apple? >> >> they can. microsoft has a huge advantage in terms of their operating system. it is really great for them and of course with windows, it is all of the productivity and their products that people would use around the world, of course that many of those things, still a lot of things that you can do with it and that apple device. >> okay, now, we shall see the holiday season is upon us. mike eldin from twit tv. thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> now over to mike and rosemary in the weather center. >> i'm not sure if i'm ready for their holiday season. and all these options. i'm glad that there is competition out there. but in regards to a month and a half officially that shopping
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season. >> like it or not. when did they start saying happy holidays. >> and let's talk about their weather. >> that's right. just beautiful. i posted it on my facebook. and when is your perfect weather day. and 75 and sunny and if that is the case then chances are that was you today. actually seeing some messages from those folks that would say windy, cloudy, i like the rain and the rain here too if i'm in my home. and a beautiful day out there mostly cloudy skies for most of us with the temperatures very similar to yesterday afternoon. 80 degrees in walnut creek right now, 83 in livermore and around the bay 71 in oakland. 67 san francisco, 66 in half moon bay. over portions of the north bay. 73 in napa in to the south bay. 76 right now outside your door. so now where are we from yesterday in to today? and take a look at this. just by a few degrees, the changes there, they are down by just a few areas right around oakland and hayward and down by three. concord down by two in areas right around napa as well as
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santa rosa. very similar to yesterday and just a tad bit warmer. the chances are you cannot even tell. we do have the on shore breeze with us this afternoon, not too strong in areas like fairfield 13. picking up 12. oakland reporting 12 and the southerly breeze at 18. a little breezy for some of you in that center of the napa area, anywhere from 10 to 15 to 18 miles per hour. the on shore breeze with us and the clouds are beginning to roll back in as well. early afternoon, we have them pulled back. but now if i stop that satellite view, right along the san mateo coastline to the south we would have the clouds moving back in. it will begin to strengthen as we will begin a gradual warm up as we get in to wednesday and thursday and friday, actually look to be the warmer days. friday, saturday, the temperatures will peak. take a look at the model in to the evening hours as they would begin to move back along the
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coastline. while we sleep, they move inland. we wake up tomorrow morning with mostly cloudy skies along the coast. inside the bay in to the east bay as well as the north bay. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for the inner east bay as well as the south bay. by 11:00 or so it is pulling back. mostly sunny. temperatures in the 70s and the low 80s. once again for areas like nevada, napa, berkeley 74 tomorrow as well as oakland. the low 80s to the mid-80s for the inner east bay. 84 in livermore. along the peninsula, the lower 70s to the mid-70s from san mateo and redwood city, expected for san jose at 73 for santa cruz and the warming trend. underway on thursday, friday,
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saturday, mid to upper 80s for their inland communities. and for sunday. >> still looking good for the blue angels. >> perfect. thank you. >> you're welcome. it ends when they slam in to the house as they will be okay, but we'll tell you about that unexpected launch that he would say is heartbreaking.
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my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. a high-speed chase with the unusual ending as they were
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overhead as they would follow this vehicle with the robbery suspect inside. it happened yesterday afternoon in st. louis county, missouri. police say that the driver had robbed a check cashing store and then carjacked the white pickup truck and tried to escape. the chase didn't end though until that driver would crash right in to a house as the homeowner is an avid car collector. nine cars , one damaged. they found the gun and money in the truck. it is becoming more common for animals to be used as a critical part of the recovery process for patients. >> beth galvin shows us firsthand how the man's best friend could make a difference. >> reporter: danny wilburn is meeting his physical therapy partner barbosa. the knoxville engineer remembers the first time he saw shepherd centers facility dogs. >> i thought they were beautiful. i just wanted to be around. >> reporter: the feeling seems to be mutual. >> she is really friendly and loves everybody that he comes
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in contact with. >> reporter: but barbosa is here to work. they head out to the hallway. >> he is ready when you are. >> go get that ball. >> he can probably play fetch for three to four hours without stopping. >> reporter: danny's situation is more delicate. he was riding his motorcycle this spring when he suffered a stroke and crashed, leaving him with a brain injury so severe he was in a coma for six weeks. when he got here to shepherd center, he couldn't speak or stand or walk. and now he is balancing, reaching ting barbosa. >> go get it. he is smart. and this is barbosa's job as he would work and live with shepherd center exercise specialist. >> when i hit the parking lot at work that he would come down. when we leave and we think that it will be best off the totally different dog that he would be wild. >> reporter: but somehow they are able to make that journey a little bit easier. >> a lot of people when they come here they don't have a lot to look forward to. and a lot of the times that
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they are sad or depressed. >> and that you know, they know. >> they know when people, you know, that they are extra delicate and they need to be gentle and they know when to be around. >> reporter: he went through nine months of intense training. learning over 40 commands, getting comfortable with strangers. >> in their training they will get tons of hands on for those people touching them. >> reporter: he'll have no problem letting chris kelly the software engineer and the father of two take off their vest. and working on their fine motor skills. >> i'm coming back from a stroke. and about a year, a little over a year ago. >> reporter: chris was just 33 when he came to the center. >> i was barely walking, walking with assistance. >> reporter: he had no movement in his right hand and the one that he is now using to brush barbosa. >> reporter: in the course of a year it is night and day, just where they would go. day by day, minute by minute. just keep pushing. >> reporter: barbosa on the
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other hand is barely awake. >> it's a little better sometimes to play with my kids. because he at least listens. >> reporter: he even lets chris brush their teeth with peanut butter tooth paste. >> does it taste good? >> reporter: just like that barbosa's work day is done. which she mary ashlynn head home. tomorrow they will do it all over again. beth galvin for the fox medical team. two bay area cities have lead the charge for the higher minimum wage. they may take the idea statewide. why wages are unfair and how a ballot initiative will fix it. the oakland mayor lib by shaft joins us live next -- libby shaft joins us live next week. the ban that the faa is putting on the popular devices and the consequences that people could face for flying them.
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a statewide push to raise the minimum wage for everyone now has two big name supporters behind it. they will raise their minimum wage to $11 in 2017 and increase it $1 a year until it reaches $15 per hour in 2021. today in the four by four we're taking four minutes during the four to examine the new fair wage act that will go before voters november next year. >> we're joined by the oakland mayor. thank you for coming in yourself and mayor lee announcing their push for the initiative.
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which has been certified, expected to be on the november ballot of 2016. i'm curious why you don't just go for the $15 right off the bat from $9 to $15. let's just get in to it and get people their money. >> well this is an initiative put together by a large coalition of labor and chambers of commerce. and this is something that we believed that the economy could handle, but it will get workers to a fair wage. right now people working full time make only $19,000 a year. you just can't live on that in california. >> and so make it $15, get right to it. >> not just $1 as i say that. because you were successful doing that in the city of oakland as you would jump at 39%. >> we are proud in oakland as this statewide initiative would no way limit san francisco from doing their own thing from accelerating even faster because we know that cities are very expensive. that we need to be more
4:32 pm
aggressive that it will help bring the rest of california up to it. they have two million children living in poverty. more than any other state in the nation as we know that nearly two-thirds of our minimum wage earners in california are women. and they are struggling to support their families. >> it is hard to argue with the fact they need to make more money, but what about the other side of the coin? the smaller businesses, some businesses, they say that we cannot afford to pay our workers that much money. we might have to cut some positions. >> that is a big fear that many in their community would have. the city of small businesses. 90% of the oakland businesses would have 20 or fewer employees. but when we would pass their measure last year as we did a big increase to the minimum wage here in oakland that it has been nothing, but good times for our economy as we have seen our unemployment rate go down 4 percentage points from the fall of last year to
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spring. just in those few months since this minimum wage would pass in oakland as they are doing well. they are supporting particularly restaurants, the big wage increase for them. but that they would realize that the fair wage food would taste better like the great jacket we would have on. it looks cuter. >> you talk about the restaurant industry. why not just eliminate the wage earners that make tips? that they are forced to eliminate the tips because of their wage increase at their surcharge to raise prices. would that be a possibility or just too late to come up? >> california law governs that tips do not account for the wages. and so that is a part of why their restaurant industry is grappling with the increased minimum wage as we need to guarantee that workers would earn the amount as we cannot tolerate this idea that people would work full time yet they cannot actually support their families. >> what you're saying is that
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this is a moral decision for those business owners? >> it is morally responsible and fiscally responsible. employers are seeing less worker turnover. seeing fewer sick days. seeing more productivity that is good for the economy. workers have more money to spend at other businesses going back in to the economy. let's talk about their specific number. this initiative has been certified. but it has not made it to the ballot as they need 365,000 signatures. it sounds like they would expect to get that many plus more. right now a california poll puts it at 68% of the voters support the effort. do you expect the support to stay if it does make it to that november 2016 ballot? do you expect to get them to the polls to vote? >> absolutely. in oakland our minimum wage measure, they would get 82% of the vote. this is something that americans are ready for as they would recognize that workers would see a fair minimum wage. the gathering have gone better
4:35 pm
than anyone has dreamed, as they have and that is why they are so proud to be co-chairing the campaign and encouraging everybody to get involved. >> i mean are you going out on the campaign trail and across the state with mayor lee? >> no, we will let them do that for us. because the governing cities is what we need to do to stay close to home. >> that's with the oakland a's since they have that ruling with the new city. >> you know it was a win and that every little bit would help as we were very excited that the supreme court, they would decide to stand that test of respecting the major baseball and their territories as that is good for oakland. to keep them where they belong is right here.
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the a's have a 10-year lease on their ballpark as they have some time to figure out their next steps as they will get that situation resolved. it's a complex situation because they are co-owners. to make the progress a little smoother. >> we want to know if they share that stadium again. >> they are both interested in having their new facility. something that we're working on to do that. we don't want to subsidize with the taxpayer dollars. maybe some offices. >> absolutely. i would be happy to get them
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down on the water front, downtown. we are making them all attracted and available. we want them to build their new look. >> thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. the u.s. senator would join 20 senate democrats to write a letter and about the investigation in to planned parenthood. and that their president, they have testified in front of the house committee last month. and the house republicans would have her testify about how planned parenthood and their affiliates are using the taxpayer funding, following the release of ten undercover videos. feinstein and other democrats would urge you to commit that special committee to investigate planned parenthood even further. they wrote that six states, they have all cleared up the wrong doing, saying that the other states would consider investigating, but they decided that there was not enough evidence for them to justify such action.
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san francisco will be filled with crowds and also the blue angels that are coming. but it also means that they will be on the drones as we would talk to them about the orders to ground those drones. mostly sunny skies to the seasonal temperatures. when the warmest day will arrive coming up. by the coliseum, they are not good right now. the commute will start to get underway as the four on 2:00 will be right back. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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medical marijuana dispensaries are still in the process of shutting down in san jose. last year the city council passed an ordinance that found at least 78 medical marijuana businesses were operating illegally there in the city. businesses deemed illegal were operating either too close to schools, churches, and rehab centers or failed to pay marijuana business taxes. the city says that 67 of the businesses have closed. though five have filed suit against the city. dozens of closed businesses have sub mitt applications to operate legally -- submitted applications to operate legally in the city. the blue angels take off in their first practice run less than 48 hours. when they do the no drone zone will be up in place due to the increasing popularity of the
4:42 pm
recreational drones. the faa is not taking any chances. and a temporary flight restriction will be in place above the bay. this afternoon i spoke to ian gregor a spokesman for the faa. >> the restricted area is centered right around the island. they have a five-mile radius and it affects that air space from the surface up to 15,000 feet. >> they fly so close together. i mean that i couldn't imagine if they would see that drone. they don't necessarily need to hit it, but they could make them switch a couple inches, you know? >> you're exactly right. when the the concern is not yes, but that the drone could strike a plane. but that the pilot involved here in the air show, they would have to remain. and so focused on flying their aircraft that they could get distracted that we don't want them distracted by anything and that is why we are reaching out to try to spread the safety word as widely as possible. >> in regards to the
4:43 pm
enforcement, if i'm out there with my family and i see them operating the drone and they are not listening to me to say to land it, i mean who do i call? >> you know our main goal is to educate people about that safe drone flying. but that we also want people to know that anyone who flies a drone, that they endanger that aircraft that they would face fines of up to $28,000 and the stiff criminal penalty as well. i would encourage anybody that sees somebody operating the drone where it shouldn't be operated. to contact either the faa or better yet the local law enforcement because the local law enforcement often better positioned to deal with this on the street. and the local law enforcement is in a better position to respond immediately. >> you know what, i could see the temptation. i'm not a drone operator, but if i were to get those shots with the blue angels buzzing by the bay. but yeah, completely dangerous. no fly zone. thursday from 1:00 to 6:00 on
4:44 pm
friday, saturday, sunday. and that it will be from 11:00 to 5:00. >> that they could just spell the disaster to keep them away. >> they also say that they would expect to a million drones to be purchased this coming holiday season. glen manned drones. recreational, so they are becoming cheaper too. >> rosemary, you were asking about their ideal temperature. maybe like 82 and sunny. >> 82 and sunny is a warm day. that yes, we have the other fabulous day with the lower 80s for their inland city. today is a lot like yesterday. talking about within a few degrees of yesterday's afternoon highs. it is what we're experiencing right now, giving you a live look at san francisco where we do have partly cloudy skies, right along the coast as we would look towards the tower to the west. we'll have the clouds tomorrow morning and that i want to spend just a moment here as you can see the winds 85 miles an hour with a category one. well off the islands here. not expected to impact the
4:45 pm
islands out of the high surf that it will take a northeasterly track and as we would get in to wednesday, thursday, even friday. that it will continue to push to the north of us. not expected to bring us any rain and maybe the possibility of a few sprinkles if they would move a little closer to us as we would get in to friday and as they would weaken that they will make them tour those areas like canada and the pacific northwest and for areas like oregon, washington, farther north that we could see some rain out of that. but for us, we'll be looking to remain dry. outside our doors, with the dry conditions right now, 78 degrees in concord. 71 in oakland and 75 in redwood city. 76 outside your doors at san jose and the lower 80s far firefield -- fairfield. now, shifting along the peninsula with a few more numbers for you here, 74 at the park. belmont you're checking in at 72. woodside at 72 as well and just a beautiful day for most. upper 70s, danville, 78 degrees for pittsburgh.
4:46 pm
you're checking in right about 79 with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. the on shore winds are with us, anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. a little bit fastener some spots like napa reporting up to 18 at the airport there and the low clouds are returning back to the sonoma county coastline and that area over the north bay with partly cloudy skies as well. through your evening hours, the clouds will move back in across the bay and inland as we would start tomorrow morning. they are always the bay along the coastline, maybe in to the north bay to start out with partly cloudy skies. but they would pull back quickly, left with mostly sunny conditions for your afternoon by lunchtime as we have just a little bit of the fog along the coastline, mostly sunny skies elsewhere and the ridge of high pressure will be strengthening over the bay areas for the next few days. that is going to lead to their sunshine as well as the warmer temperatures today as we get in to the second part of the day. tomorrow morning, a relatively mild to cool start depending on where you are at. in the north bay a 1 for tomorrow. 54 in napa. mid-50s expected for san rafael. in the bay 58 in oakland.
4:47 pm
53 to start your day in redwood city and in to the south bay at the mid-50s expected for san jose. mid to upper 50s for inland east bay and 55 degrees tomorrow. afternoon highs, with the sunny skies, 78 for novado and the lower 80s. closer to the water with the lower 70s in areas like salsilido to the east bay with the temperatures in the low to mid-70s for the eastline shoreline. low 80s. to the south bay we would go with 83 expected for morgan hill. 80 degrees for san jose and 79 for sunnyvale and along the peninsula, 79 for redwood city. 71 for san bruno. 71 for san francisco. a bump of the temperatures with each passing day. wednesday, thursday, friday n to saturday the two warmest days. and then the temperatures will come down just slightly as we get in to the back part of the weekend. >> perfect, thank you, rosemary. >> you're welcome. let's check in with kim in the newsroom for a story on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. we'll have more on that woman found dead at golden gate park. >> keba, this is becoming a big
4:48 pm
case for fdpd. the woman was found just before the strictly bluegrass festival. police are treating this case as a homicide. we'll have more on who the woman was, where she was from, and how far along investigators are on trying to identify her killer. ken, we have new information on the safety questions raised about the new bay bridge. >> we've been hearing about this for several months with some serious defeoffment we'll go deep in to the struck -- serious development as we'll go deep in to the structure. we'll talk to the outside expert and cal tran to see if these questions are legitimate and how they are being addressed. that and more coming up at 5:00. >> thank you, ken, we'll see you then. it's called the happiest place other than the, but some disney fans are unhappy as the price hike for some of the park's mostly popular annual passes.
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all right take a look at the stories that people are showing you on social media. mcdonald's breakfast is now available all day long. >> all right, sign me up. it's now being served all daying long. you don't have to get there at 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. cut off. >> i'm out of the loop on that one. >> egg mcmuffins, hot cakes, a move by mcdonald's. they're trying to boost their lagging sale and comes in to response by the other restaurants boosting their breakfast menus. you remember that was back in march as they will now go and do it. >> if it is popular, make it all day. since they began choosing team edward or jacob.
4:52 pm
we don't really know what we're talking about, then you're not a twilight fan. but the first book came out in 2005 featuring the story of a human teenager bella who falls in love with a vampire. >> she has a best friend jacob and turns in to a wolf. a special edition was released today as this one has a gender twist. >> the idea began as a forward to an anniversary edition, but soon thought it would be fun to reimagine that love story. >> yeah, a same story, but the girl is the vampire neared edith and the boy is the human named beau. >> the twilight series, well, it sold 150 million copies worldwide. don't forget the four movies that were all box office hits. >> wow, okay. >> now, from the die hard fans,
4:53 pm
yeah it's going up again by more than 30% at least in one case. it gets you in to disney land any day of the year. now it will be $1,439 a year. both parks. >> that's a 31% increase. the signature plus passport is increasing by 35%. that will go up to $1,049 within a year and that annual pass will get you to disney land, just disney land any day of the year. >> and the other passes are also increasing. now, some fans are not happy about the increase, calling it greedy. but they are trying to ease crowding inside that park because they have a limited capacity if they would grow too big that they would have no choice, but to close the gates.
4:54 pm
>> we reached out to them today to talk about that increase and officials there aren't doing any interviews about the pricing, but that the goal is to protect their guest and their experience as they would also address their idea of overcounting. whether or not that the park is considering offering the cheaper tickets on maybe those off peak days, like in the winter. >> they sent us this statement as we would continue to evolve the way we would think about managing the demand during the busiest seasons, in order to deliver that world class experience for our guest. in addition to continuing to expand as we are also exploring their pricing option that could help spread it throughout the year. so they would acknowledge that sometimes the capacity is an issue. >> they are, of course a busy time posting the record attendance for each of the last three physical years and the spring quarter that just ended. so thanks in part to the popularity of the frozen and that star wars and also their approving economy. >> the star wars land will be coming down the road too as well.
4:55 pm
>> expensive. straight ahead on the four on 2:00, aaron hernandez is back in court in connection to the deadly nightclub shooting. the former new england patriots star had for a judge today.
4:56 pm
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jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit football star aaron hernandez was back in court today. >> the judge heard from his lawyer who wants them to dismiss their murder charges in connection to
4:58 pm
the 2012 nightclub shooting that killed four people. accused of getting in to an argument. insufficient evidence was presented to the grand jury as they were convicted in the separate case of the murder. and that is in april for the death of oden loyd. the $2.5 billion betting industry responded to accusations of cheating today, that some would amount to the potential case of inside trading. >> and it has to do with their daily fantasy website. allegations of the insider trading that they were placing the bets using information, not generally to the public. by betting on the other fantasy websites, including the draft kings employee. who won a $350,000 jackpot. and that they say it will be similar to insider trading.
4:59 pm
but the potential for treating, they would set off the industry and with limited and little regulation and big money at stake. >> it is one hedge fund that would have every other positions, that they were able to maneuver among them. that is exactly what it would sound like. they don't want scrutiny, but now they have it. >> the marin daily fantasy sites are big sponsors of major league baseball. just estimated that the industry will grow to more than $14 billion annually, by thier of 2020. >> reporter: they now prohibit employees from online sports betting with cash prizes. >> let's turn it over to heather and ken. quite a mystery near fairfax as one man was found dead there. after the man's body was found on the popular hiking trail. >> tonight, we're learning more about the family left behind.
5:00 pm
a different kind of scene today along the scenic trail in marin county. authorities are searching for clues after a hiker discover add man's body who had been shot and killed. tonight we learned that the victim was a noted therapist. good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. frank and jeweler are off tonight. the victim's body found just after 6:00 last night. that is francis drake boulevard north of fairfax. hours ago authorities identified the victim as 67- year-old steve carter, a prominent relationship therapist who we were told was visiting friends in marin. the victim's dog also shot. we have more on the new development from rob roth live at the scene. >> reporter: ken, search crews from three bay area counties are out here right no. they're not looking for people, but for guns or any other evidence that may be linked to yesterday's killing here. the search teams brought dogs


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